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Ganta/Vajra set, old, 9 armed W/finger SOLD
Culture: Buddhist     
Country of Origin : Tibet     
Artifact Age: 18th Century

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Ganta/Vajra set; (17th - 18th century) This is a remarkable and potent Ganta and Dorje set. They were found on the Tibetan/Nepalese boarder by Lama Nurbu, very old and powerful alter pieces. The Ganta Bell is the ultimate universal symbol of transcendent wisdom, (feminine). The Vajra, (Dorje), is the representation of purity, the transcendental state of "emptiness", the masculine aspect or compassion. The Ganta and the Dorje are always used together. In practice, the ringing of the bell calls beings to practice, and warns off malign influences and is also a musical offering. It is difficult to find a set still intact and that also plays well, with strong, enduring, piercing overtones as this one reports. 7” high x 3.75” diameter - (05/05#22)

Price: $800.00 + shipping
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