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Sacred Sound Instruments

Sankha; Ceremonial Conch $700.00   
  Culture: Buddhist     Country of Origin : Nepal
Artifact Age: Unknown Date     
A most unique conch decorated with Tibetan sacred stones (Turquoise, Lapis Lazuli and Coral). It is playable and its’ voice symbolizes the clear ... more about this artifact

Sankha; trumpet; Green Tara/Silver SOLD $850.00   
  Culture: Buddhist     Country of Origin : Tibet
Artifact Age: 20th Century     
A special trumpet covered amazingly with heavy silver depicting the Green Tara (healing goddess). Used traditionally to drive away negativity (the ... more about this artifact

Singing Bowl Rings - back in stock $5.00   
  Culture: Other     Country of Origin : Nepal
Artifact Age: Other     
The padded rings are decorative and useful for storage of your Singing Bowls. Made of 100% cotton brocade they are strong and well crafted. Priced ... more about this artifact

Tumbura; 4 string, male $450.00   
  Culture: Hindu     Country of Origin : India
Artifact Age: 21st Century     
During my recent pilgrimage to Nepal & Tibet I found a beautiful, professional quality male Tambura (size: 51” long x 16” wide). A friend in Nepal... more about this artifact

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