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Artifact reference Books & Prayer Flags

Book: Gods, Goddesses & Ritual Objects77 page useful illustrated reference guide to the the world of Buddhist & Hindu ritual artifacts, Gods & Goddesses. Published by Handicraft Association of Nepal..
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Historically prayer flags were flown to guarantee good fortune within the nomadic communities of Tibet, however, this ritual shifted and assumed a more expanded significance. Their design now includes mantras, images of Bodhisattvas & auspicious symbols representing wisdom, power, joy, confidenc..
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Tibetan's deeply believe that Thogchags (tokens and amulets) have magical power to ward off evil and bring good luck. To obtain 9 Thogchags in one's life time is considered the best of luck. Hard cover, very hard to find, 207 page full of color plates, history and description. 20 available..
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