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I am amazed at the availability of these rare artifacts. Mongolian nomadic tribal knifes with sharpening case and attachments. Once owned by members of the Mongolian royal Family they have beautifully cases and chains made with heavy silver reflect Buddhist symbols. I hI am amazed at the availabilit..
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This is a authenticated traditional curved Nepalese Knife used as both a tool and as a weapon. Symbolic/devotional weapon of the highly respected Nepalese Gurkha regiments it signifies the courage and valor of the bearer. Also used in many traditional rituals among different ethnic groups of Nepal, ..
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Warm, inviting the realm of this Buddha is magical, bathed in compassion and along the path of the Bodhisattva. He is the Buddha of love and a guide to transcendence. This statue is beautiful detailed and devotionally created. Made of copper his face has been burnished in 24k gold. Size: 5.5” tall x..
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An Introduction to Sacred Sound Instruments The first multi-media home study course on sound healing with Tibetan bowls. Written for holistic heath practitioners, healers, and spiritual seekers. This package contains an introductory level instructional e-book/DVD & CD . Written by a Certified So..
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Extraordinary Ivory carving from the Himalayan country of Bhutan. Rare and powerful - Size; - ivory 13.5" tall x 1.5" deep x 4.25" across - overall 15.5" tall x 4" deep x 6.5" across. Decorated with small shaped coral, turquoise, amethyst and emeralds Avalokiteshvara is carved of ancient iv..
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Guided meditations by Diáne Mandle w/Tibetan Bowls, Gongs & Sacred Sound Instruments. Opening the Heart, Becoming Whole, Inner Healer. Each recording within this series is designed to reawaken and strengthen as specific area of consciousness that can help the listener access wholeness. (price in..
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This is an extraordinary statue carved from black stone with devotional detail and stunning craft. (I have had difficulty identifying the Bodhisattva - could be Hindu). It’s message is that of empowerment, liberation & protection. Size: 16” tall x 13” across x 2.75” deep - (04/08#4) - larger pho..
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Ushnisha-vijaya is the triad representation of the three main Buddhist female deities of longevity; Ushnishavijaya, White Tara and Amitayus. Her three faces are slightly wrathful but with peaceful eyes. She holds instruments of Enlightenment; a double Vajra, the Buddha, an arrow, the charity mudra, ..
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Carved in solid Moroccan Labradorite in such a way as to reflect the natural golds, blues and greens of the stone. Labradorite is known as ‘Frozen Fire’ and is a favorite of shamans, diviners and energy healers. It is a powerful protector from negativity and misfortunes..
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Copper Buddha - this stunning rupa is 17” tall x 16.5” across x 12” deep with flowing detail and powerful face. The mantras he is expressing is of protection and the rejection of negative energy. Created using the lost wax method by a most skilled devotional artist. (07/09#1) - larger photos..
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A silver wall hanging with Buddha (in ‘Earth touching pose’) in the center and surrounded by auspicious Buddhist characters - each a symbol of profound teachings. ‘A gateway into the Bodhi nature which dwells within.’ This rupa is created in silver with devotional detail and coral & turquoise be..
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This symbol of the meditating Buddha is made of sterling silver and the chakra stones are genuine. Bring powerful healing into your life. size: 1.75" tall x 1.5" wide..
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