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38 Taras with Garuda: WoodSize: 19.5” tall x 11”across x 3” deep4 pounds..
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An Introduction to Sacred Sound Instruments. The first multi-media home study course on sound healing with Tibetan bowls written for holistic heath practitioners, healers, and spiritual seekers. This package contains an introductory level instructional of an e-book, DVD & CD.Written by a Ce..
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Avalokiteshvara with Dhyani Buddhas: Wood Size: 19” tall x 13.5” across x 3” deepWeight: 5 pounds 14 oz...
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Bodhisattva on the Wings of Garuda Statue: Stone, Nepal, 18th CenturyIt’s message is that of Empowerment, Liberation & Protection.This is an extraordinary statue carved from black stone with devotional detail and stunning craft.I have had difficulty identifying the Bodhisattva, could be Hindu.Si..
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Bodhisattva Vajra Dorje Statue: Nepal, 21st CenturyVajra Dorje, a powerful Bodhisattva: A force over ignorance.He holds a Ganta Bell in his right hand and a Vajra in his left. The Ganta representing the energy of wisdom and the Vajra the energy of compassion. Together these two representing the path..
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Bodhisattva Vajrapani Statue: Tibetan, 19th CenturyA protective Bodhisattva: 'Holder of the Thunderbolt Scepter' symbolizing the power of Compassion.An extraordinary Vajrapani in very good condition with small Emeralds still intact, the detail and presence are stunning. Size: 9.75" tall x 8" ac..
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Bodhisattva Vajrasattva Statue, Nepal, 20th Century: This is a lovely Rupa created using the lost wax method in copper, he is decorated with tiny gemstones of Garnets, Amethyst, Turquoise & Coral. The Ganta & Vajra he carries are made of silver - there is an empowerment mantra on t..
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Bodhisattva Vajrasattva Statue: Tibetan, 20th CenturyVajrasattva is the Bodhisattva of Purification: An aspect of Buddha Vajradhara that shares the essential nature of Shakyamuni Buddha. Here he is seated on a moon disc on a white lotus with his torso gracefully curved to our lef..
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Book: Gods, Goddesses & Ritual Objects77 page useful illustrated reference guide to the the world of Buddhist & Hindu ritual artifacts, Gods & Goddesses. Published by Handicraft Association of Nepal..
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Amita Buddha: This beautiful Rupa is beautiful with fine detail. Note the five Dhyani Buddhas carved into the base. Created using the lost wax method by a most skilled devotional artist. Size: 14” tall x 9.25” across x 6.25” deep(07/09#5) - larger photos are available upon request...
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Buddha Amitabha Statue: Infinite LightHe is the Buddha of Love and a guide to Transcendence.Inviting the realm of this Buddha is magical, while bathed in Compassion along the path of the Bodhisattva. This statue is beautiful detailed and devotionally created with a deep and peaceful presen..
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Buddha Avalokiteshvara (relaxed pose) Shikshin Monastery, Karashar, Tibet, 21st CenturyBuddha of Compassion: Avalokiteshvara in his relaxed stunning depiction. He is relaxed but forcefully displaying the Mudra of protection (Kataka) warding off evil, removing sickness and negativ..
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