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Bhutan 19th Century

Bhutan 19th Century
Buddha Avalokiteshvara StatueExtraordinary Ivory carving from the Himalayan country of Bhutan. Rare and powerful.This exquisitely curved Rupa depicts the All-Compassionate Buddha standing, facing each of us as a friend, a Protector and a Guide.Avalokiteshvara is carved of ancient ivory and de..
Ex Tax:$8,500.00
Goddess Dorje Phamo Statue: Ivory, Bhutan, 19th CenturyExquisite Ivory carving from the Himalayan country of Bhutan known for its extraordinary Buddhist art. Carved of ancient ivory by a master this is a rare and powerful representation of the Goddess Dorje Phamo. The warrior Goddess (Guardian) is e..
Ex Tax:$9,000.00
Ceremonial Khatvanga Staff: RareThis high Ceremonial Staff is most unique and rare outside of a Tibetan Monastery. Carved of wood it displays the ancient style of a ritual instrument. Originally Khatvanga were sacred weapons of the Hindu Gods but transformed by Vajrayana Buddhism..
Ex Tax:$500.00
Shaman's Robes: Tibetan Kapala, 19th CenturyTantric Dance ceremonial clothing. This unique outfit is complete including headdress, arm or angle bands, neck piece & apron. Created by carving bone - possibly all or part ‘kapali’ of an accomplished human being.Each carving depicting various wrathfu..
Ex Tax:$1,800.00
Standing Buddha Statue: Stone, Bhutan, 10th CenturyA stunning stone Buddha beautifully depicted offering protection. Made of a black stone he is rendered simply with profound presence. Size: 13.5" tall x 6.5" across x 3" deep (10/06#29) - larger photos are available upon request..
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Vishnu with Garuda Statue: Stone, Bhutan, 19th CenturyVishnu is the maintainer of the universe, born of the right side of the Higher Being. He is the dreamer who’s dream is the universe of existence. He is the invincible protector and preserver of life embodying qualities of goodness and mercy...
Ex Tax:$2,500.00
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