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Sacred Sounds Workshop is an immersion in sacred sound applications and practices. Learn how sound can heal and transform. Workshop participants will personally explore vibrational healing techniques, history and Dharma teachings while using these remarkable instruments.

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Ancient Singing Bowls of the Himalayas
Singing bowls are a beautiful and powerful mystery. They produce the sound of AUM, the sound of energy becoming matter. They alter space, mind and time, awaken cellular memory and heal the energy body. The act of listening to the sound of a singing bowl stops one's internal dialog, making the bowls an excellent tool for meditation, centering, and trance induction.

Westerners have been fascinated by the singing bowls for decades, but little is known about them. The origin of the bowls is somewhat of a mystery and seems to be shrouded in secrecy. The knowledge of sound carries with it great power. It allows one to travel without moving, to come into contact with spirits and other planes of existence.

Evidence suggests that the singing bowls originated during the shamanic pre-Buddhist period in the Himalayas, made from a 7 metal consecrated alloy. These metals produce 5 individual and simultaneous tones, each at its own consistent frequency. The vibration of the singing bowls synchronize with brain waves and creates a therapeutic effect upon the mind/body.

Tibetan Bowl school
The Tibetan Bowl Sound Healing School operated by Sound Energy Healing in association with Sacred Sound Workshops is an organization dedicated to the research, awareness of and training in the uses of the Tibetan Sacred Sound Instruments (singing bowls, gantas & tingshaw) as therapeutic and transformational modalities. In addition to practical layouts, energy medicine and specific usage of each instrument our training includes exposure to the Tibetan Buddhist philosophy (the foundation of the modality).

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