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Tibet 20th Century

Tibet 20th Century
Great Tibetan Sage Statue: Tsonghapa, Tibet, 20th Century No.3Here he is offering the Mudra, (blessing), of teaching.Tsonghapa founded the ‘Yellow Hat’ of school Buddhist teachings in Tibet. Considered a manifestation of Manjushri he was a highly accomplished teacher of the drama. Made using the los..
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Tibetan Prayer Carpet: 20th CenturyA wonderful example of Tibetan tribal rug making. With 100 knots per square inch it was hand woven in the same fashion that has created quality woolen rugs for centuries. It's design is that of the tiger symbolizing power and elegance. Made of wool it is color..
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rje Rimpoche Manjushri incarnate Statue: Tibet, 20th CenturyKnown as Tsongkhapa, he is an incarnation of Manjushri and the Spiritual father to the Dalai Lama line.Size: 19" high x 11" across x 7.5" deep (jy02#23) - plus shipping cost..
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Sankha: Silver Conch Trumpet, Green TaraA special trumpet covered amazingly with heavy silver depicting the Green Tara (healing goddess). Used traditionally to drive away negativity and shatter illusion. This Sankha is beautiful - found in a small Tibetan run shop in Kathmandu recently. It has a pow..
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