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Nepal 19th Century

Nepal 19th Century
Ganesh - a powerful rupa- 23” tall x 14” across x 7.5” deep made of bronze. There is two cracks of no outward notice; one in his crown ornament & one on the handle of his ax. Created using the lost wax method there are still some traces of gilded gold - most of which has been worn away by time. ..
Ex Tax:$2,600.00
Ganesh; The elephant headed god of wisdom, success and joy is the defender of individuals and the remover of obstacles. This representation of Ganesh is particularly joyful with great detail and devotional craft. He is composed of copper, gold and silver making him heavy yet he easily balances on th..
Ex Tax:$4,800.00
Bronze; Manjustri is the Buddha of Wisdom - to light our way through the darkness of ignorance. 04/02/08 23" tall x 9" diameter base..
Ex Tax:$1,500.00
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