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17 Jan Moon in Cancer Zoom Gong Bath™ January 17th
Janet 0 256
In keeping with our Full Moon Zoom presentations we are offering a Moon in Cancer on January 17th, 2022 - 7:00pm (MDT)This being the first full Moon of this year it is ideal for setting intensions for the next twelve months. This Moon provides a rich opportunity for the creation of emotional manifes..
06 Jul IN STUDIO Gong bath with Richard Rudis
Richard 5 12801
Travel with Richard Rudis to the ‘Lotus Born’ land of Padmasambhava (8th Century Buddhist mystic and magician). Using a planetary Earth Gong we will sojourn this mystery path on the wings of a Sacred Sound harmonics. The promise of deep insights, peaceful Being and self-discovery is woven into ..
17 Apr Sacred Sound Healing Techniques
Richard 17 4884
Zoom ClassSacred Sound Healing TechniquesSponsored by the Infinity Foundation"The gong and Himalayan bowls are sacred sound instruments used for healing, meditation, and the exploration of consciousness."Course Number: 211144with Richard Rudis$65.00click here to sign up: infinityfoundation.orgThe go..
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