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Testimonals, Gong Bathes
Sound Pioneer and recording artist Richard Rudis (Sonam Dorje) creates transformational healing waves of sound bathing for each participant with the rising and falling rhythms, tonalities and vibrations of a huge Earth Gong tuned to the sound of the primordial AUM - the ‘Universal Chord’; the vibrational signature of our mother Earth (Ghia) as it dances with our Sun (Sol.) See Gong Bath Schedule.


“Thank you for sharing your gifts with me and our community.  I have been forever transformed and shifted and am TOTALLY GRATEFUL for the experience!”
Blessings, Donna (Woodridge, Il.)


“I was at the gong bath on Sunday Sept. 3. It was a transformative  experience ... I noticed that the 'crunchiness' and pain in my knees  is gone, which amazed me ... I feel good in ways that are hard to  describe but to say I feel my chi 'to my core' is a fair description.  To say I feel 'rearranged at the cellular level' is another.”
Best,  Byron  (Chicago, Il.)


“I don't know if you recall, but I spoke to you briefly when you were  hear in boulder about a month ago about being a singer and shared the  feeling that I thought the bath had done something to my voice. Well it has. My vocal range goes lower now, which has just loosened up the  rest of range. It's amazing.”
All the best, Jason (Boulder, Co.)

“i feel compelled to write to you, even though i imagine you get a lot  of email and probably don't need to get a lot of email. please don't  feel you must reply, but i do want to share with you. i will try to be  succinct ... the Gong Baths have always been amazing to me, but i  wanted to share what happened at the 2 hr one .... the most amazing  part was when you & gong reached the "loud" place, i could feel the  energy/sound moving through me and creating space. i could feel when  it hit something in my guts that felt more solid than the rest of me  and it broke it up. before it hit that place, i was experiencing  terrible, sharp pain there (in my mid-abdomen, different from the hip  & leg pain) and the gong sound/energy dissipated it. actually, it  seemed to me that the gong sound/energy dissipated everything that did  not belong. incredible ... i cannot thank you enough for the work you  do and your dedication to your life's mission. i am truly blessed to  have you, the sound, and these wonderful "creatures of sound" in this  lifetime.”
danye (Frankfort, Il.)

Dear Richard,

I am one of your devoted attendees in the Boulder area (last attended  your Star House Gong Bath); we spoke after the event last time & had a  warm, vibrant

You asked for feedback on this newsletter so I am replying: I really  Love it! I so look forward to reading it as there is rarely anything  too involved that it takes an hour to read but is easy  to navigate,  always has brilliant pictures & is informative but best of all lets me  know when I shall be able to have my next Gong Bath 'fix' :)

I bought your CD last time which is really nice for 'cleaning' the  house, thank you.
Mary Scott

Always an inspiration Richard. Your insights and simple yet profound  suggestions for bringing mindfulness to life are so helpful.
All seems right with the world.
Holly (Seattle, Wa.)

Testimonals, Testimonals, Artifacts
Ancient Tibetan Artifacts - All the items offered have been collected directly from the indigenous Tibetan people either within their country or from refugees. Every effort is made to conduct business in a honorable fashion; where all parties win within each transaction.

“I received the wonderful double Vajra. It is stunning, and so powerful. When I hold it to my heart, there is a feeling of 'fit',  like a puzzle piece settling into place. So many wondrous feelings, insights, acceptance, unfolding, since our pilgrimage. I'm in awe by  it all.” :-)
Renee' (Olympia, Wa.)

“Quick note to advise that the  White Tara thangka arrived downunder safely.
Exquisite - just need to do a bit of darning and i will have her hanging in the home shrine by the end of the weekend.
As you say .......charged with a beautiful energy and presence - a rare find".;
Stuart, (Austria)

“I just wanted to say thank you for sending the drum out, it is really  beautiful.”
Mohammed (San Francisco, California)
“I love them. I'm especially in love with the wooden Buddha. Wow does  he make me smile!!!!  Thanks a million”
Pamela (Aspen, Co.)

Testimonals, Sacred Sound Workshops
Sacred Sounds Workshop is an immersion in sacred sound applications and  practices. Learn how sound can heal and transform. Workshop participants will personally explore vibrational healing techniques, history and Dharma teachings while using these remarkable instruments.

“I just have to share this with...I have been working with a client  that has prostrate cancer and he says that his PSA scores are falling  since we started working together...I have been using bowls, oils,  mantras and massage...isn't that sweet!”
Alicia (Sacred Sound Practitioner, Denver, Co.)
“The client with head injury is doing well. All bleeding in the brain has ceased. Memory and speech is returning to normal. Client is  responding very well to bowls. After the session she is completely out of pain. This lasted about 2 days in the she goes about a week without pain. Bowls are wonderful and very responsive to the person and vice versa.”
Joy (Sacred Sound Practitioner, Frantfort, Il.)
“Thank you so much for the Manipuri Bowls. They are perfect! ... I was  so pleasantly surprised at her,(the bowl's) intense and  beautiful  clear song! Harmony achieved!
Jan (Seattle, Wa.)