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DZi (gZi) Beads: New/Large

DZi (gZi) Beads: New/Large
DZi (gZi) Beads: New/Large
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DZi (gZi) Beads: New/Large - Tibetan གཟི།: pronounced "zee"; alternative spelling: gzi

Tibetan dZi beads are magic in crystalized form.

Worn to realize the blessings of health, longevity, wealth, removal of obstacles.

The old agate beads can date back thousands of years - these are high quality

new agate beads - made to devotional standards.

"A" bead is sold

Sizes and meanings are listed next to photo, price is for each. 

Supplies are limited. 

(05/09/#9a) - larger pictures are available upon request