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Ganta & Vajras: Tiny - Medium, Nepal, 21st Century No.8These are quality instruments made by Tibetans living in Nepal. Their voices are sweet and long lasting.The Ganta Bell is the ultimate universal symbol of Transcendent Wisdom.  The Vajra, (Vajra in Sanskrit/Dorje in Tibetan), is th..
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High quality Labradorite Pyramid:A stone of transformation, Labradorite is a useful companion through change, imparting strength and perseverance.  It balances and protects the aura, raises consciousness and grounds spiritual energies.  Excellent for strengthening intuition - promotin..
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Lapis Lazuli Pyramid from India.It's a stone that entices you back to balance mentally and this has an amazing knock on effect when it comes to keeping us upright in our physical lives. Lapis Lazuli also soothes inflammation and fights for both the respiratory and the nervous system. It unblock..
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"Mer" means Light, "Ka" means Spirit. "Ba" means Body. Carved from the highest quality clear quartz each are unique.The Merkaba is a Sacred Geometric construct represents the Heart Chakra, the divine union of Compassion and Wisdom (Male & Female energies).Average size is 1 inch square..
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Padmasambhava Tsha Tsha Empowered Tablet: Tibet, 20th Century No.3Padmasambhava - the famous Tantric Buddha of Tibet. He is Dharmic knowledge and Compassion and excites great Transformative Power. Tibetan ceremonial offering 'Tsha-Tsha' Tablet from Tibet.  Made of clay from a sac..
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Clear Quartz is an amplifier. A person's  Aura will increase in strength and size when the Piezoelectricity in the Crystal is activated by simply projecting positive energy towards it. Clear quartz has the capacity to absorb negative energy from its environment, store i..
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Rare Tiger Wood Bowls: Bhutan, 21st CenturyTiger wood Bowls: Hand carved and lathe from a single piece of wood and expertly crafted to fit tightly.Carved from the truck of a 1000 year old tree these are becoming hard to find. We managed to find two during the most recent pilgrimage. Size: ..
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Singing Bowl Padded RingsThe padded rings are decorative and useful for storage of your Singing Bowls. Made of 100% cotton brocade they are strong and well crafted. Made in Nepal.Tiny: 4” - $5 / Small: 4.75” - $6 / Medium: 5.5” - $7 / Large: 6.5” - $9 / Extra Large: 8” - $12Priced by size as se..
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Beautifully craved Buddhist, 19th Century Snuff Bottles are very old. Only 1 remaining. Rhino horn from China - stunning detail.Size: 3.25” tall x 2” across x 1” deep(09/07#26) - larger photos are available..
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A Chinese Buddhist Snuff Jar without a cover made of bronze or brass. Another precious piece of Tibet's history from the 19th Century adorned with Chinese auspicious characters, originated from Chinese but collected within Tibet.Size: 1.5" high x 1.5" across x 1.5" deep..
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Himalayan Snuff Container from the 1900’s, handcrafted from Tibet and made from a small Yak or Water Buffalo Horn. Snuff, a mixture of tobacco and soot used by both men and women at all levels of society, is still very popular within Tibet. The substance was inhaled to achieve a similar sensati..
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Dorje or Vajra is held as one of the highest symbols in Tibetan Buddhism.Meaning Noble Stone it represents Compassion in its highest form.Made of powerful Himalayan Quartz it embodies the brilliance of refracted or reflected illumination and symbolizes the impervious solidity of the point of power a..
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