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Ritual objects, musical, Mask, Phurpa, knife

Buddha Thangka: Nomadic, Tibetan, 16th - 17th CenturyA very ancient Thangka (16th - 17th century) of a unique type. Used by a nomadic Lama - very rare if not singular. The painting is worn but still clear - the central image is of Buddha holding a child - two Dharma protectors are on either side - t..
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Ceremonial Khatvanga Staff: RareThis high Ceremonial Staff is most unique and rare outside of a Tibetan Monastery. Carved of wood it displays the ancient style of a ritual instrument. Originally Khatvanga were sacred weapons of the Hindu Gods but transformed by Vajrayana Buddhism..
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Ceremonial Silver Dragon Teapot: Nepal, 20th CenturyAn extraordinary and unique example of Tibetan art approximately 80 years old.  Made with devotion and remarkable craftsmanship. The pot itself is Silver and the decorative portions are gold burnished.A Dragon adorns the handle and spout ..
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Ganesh Labradorite Statue:Ganesh carved in solid Labradorite reflecting the natural golds, blues and greens of the stone - stunning. He is the elephant headed Bodhisattva of wisdom, success and joy. He is the defender of individuals (particularly women) and the remover of obstacles. Ganesh is a..
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Ganesh Temple Gate Crown: Wood, very Rare and OldGanesh as the central deity with two Dragons on either side. An unusual artifact - some damage but 98% intact. Few have survived the years and even fewer are found in the West.  Ganesh: Buddhist/Hindu elephant headed Bodhisattva of Wisdom, Succes..
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Gau: Tibetan Portable Altar, 20th Century No.1Each Gau, 'Earth touching Buddha' is unique and carries bits of prayer scarves, Bodhisattva symbols or statues and/or other precious items inside. In this fashion a nomadic Tibetan will always have a bit of the sacred with him or her. Found during a rece..
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Green Tara Mask: Bhutan, 20th CenturyGreen Tara: Healing and Protection Deity. She is the Goddess Mother which emerged from the tears of the All-Compassionate Avalokiteshvara Buddha. The embodiment of Compassion, the feminine aspect of Buddha. Devotionally craved from wood.Size: 17" tall x 15" ..
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Kukri (Khukuri Snake) Devotional Knife: Nepal, 18th Century,This Kukri was owned by the Royal family of Nepal with the original (silver?) sheath intact.This is an authenticated traditional curved Nepalese Knife used as both a tool and as a weapon. Symbolic/devotional weapon of the highly respected N..
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Lama Bone Seal: Tibet, 20th Century No.2This seal is used in connection to Tantric empowerment rituals. Delicately carved in bone possibly Yak. The flower in depicted in different stages of growth represents the passage of awakening.The skeletons dancing stands are a reminder of the i..
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Lama Bone Seal: Tibet, 20th Century No.3This seal is used in connection to Tantric empowerment rituals. Delicately carved in bone possibly Yak. The flower in depicted in different stages of growth represents the passage of awakening. The skeletons dancing stands are a reminder of the imper..
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Lhatse Knife Handle: Tibetan, 20th CenturyThe Lhatse Knife (in this case only part of) is handcrafted, late 1900's and a traditional Tibetan Nomad Woman's Tribal Utility Knife. The delicate silver, brass and copper scabbard once housed a strong steel blade.  The ornate handle head rem..
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Mahakala Wall Mask: Bronze, Tibet, 18th CenturyMahakala is the most Powerful Dharma protector to all the schools of Tibetan Buddhism. He performs the four karmas (actions): Pacifying sickness, Hindrances, Increasing life, Good qualities/wisdom while destroying confusion, doubt and ignorance. He comm..
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