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Clear quartz pyramid - 825 grams - empowers transformations to positive energies. size averages 4" square x 3.5" tall - larger photos available upon request...
Ex Tax:$350.00
Ganta and Vajra energy is to motivate. These are quality instruments made by Tibetans living in Nepal. Their voices are sweet and long lasting. sold each: tiny size: 4.25" tall x 2.25" - diameter ($26.00) - small: 5.5" tall x 2.5" diameter ($45.00) - medium: 6.5" tall x 3.5" diameter ($55.00). (note..
Ex Tax:$0.00
High quality,a shamanic stone - awakens psychic abilities. 1275 grams size average 4" square larger photos available upon request..
Ex Tax:$370.00
Tibetan ceremonial offering tablet - 'Tsha-Tsha' - from Tibet and made of clay from a sacred river or stream bed - it carries the traditional empowerment prayers inside (unopened). (exact date unknown) - (Prayers and other good-luck items were stored inside to evoke blessings and protection and plac..
Ex Tax:$100.00
Tiger wood Bowls - these are becoming hard to find being carved from the truck of 1000 year old trees - (we managed to find two during the most recent pilgrimage) - 13.5” circumference x 7.25” tall. Hand carved and lathe from a single piece of wood and expertly crafted to fit tightly. (07/09#16) - l..
Ex Tax:$950.00
The padded rings are decorative and useful for storage of your Singing Bowls. Made of 100% cotton brocade they are strong and well crafted. Priced by size as seen in photo plus shipping...
Ex Tax:$5.00
Beautifully craved with stunning detail these stuff bottles rupa are very old. (Rhino horn from China) Size: 3.25” tall x 2” across x 1” deep - (09/07#26) - larger photos are available..
Ex Tax:$250.00
Snuff Jar - w/o cover Another bit of Tibet's history. A bronze (or brass?) jar with - snuff container. A precious piece, adorn with Chinese auspicious characters. size: 1.5" high x 1.5" across x 1.5" deep (05/05#16) Chinese but collected within Tibet...
Ex Tax:$160.00
Dorje or Vajra means noble stone. Made of powerful Himalayan Quartz it embodies the brilliance of refracted or reflected illumination and symbolizes the impervious solidity of the point of power around which all else turns -- the axis-mundi or hub of the world - the Bodhi Heart.  Beautifully ha..
Ex Tax:$180.00
This sacred geometric construct represents the Heart Chakra, the divine union of Compassion and Wisdom (male & female energies) "Mer" means Light. "Ka" means Spirit. "Ba" means Body. Carved from the highest quality clear quartz each are unique but average size is 1 inches square...
Ex Tax:$25.00
Made of the highest quality Himalayan quartz this Stupa is a three-dimensional Mandala. It is an exacting statuary representing the spiritual being of Buddha’s universal body(his teachings). It is centrally powerful being a focal point of spiritual energy. The craftsmanship is stunning - larger imag..
Ex Tax:$75.00
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