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Jewelry; gemstone & traditional

This symbol of the meditating Buddha is made of sterling silver and the chakra stones are genuine. Bring powerful healing into your life. size: 1.75" tall x 1.5" wide..
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Set in sterling silver the genuine stone craving of Buddha in meditation. size 1.75" long. Available stones are amethyst, lapis & clear quartz...
Ex Tax:$32.00
Set with sterling silver is Ganesh blessing the wearer with joy and success. size 1.25" tall x .5" across...
Ex Tax:$20.00
Made of the highest quality Himalayan quartz; average size; 1.5” tall x 1” deep - each a jewel of energy - powerful ranging from 20.00 to 65.00..
Ex Tax:$65.00
Moldavite is the only known tektite with gemstone quality. Created when an enormous meteorite impacted on Earth some 15 million years ago. It is a stone of intense and high frequency. Ancient civilizations revered it’s mystical properties. It’s energy is easily felt and is used to enhance psychic ab..
Ex Tax:$40.00
Hand carved in India with great detail - genuine quartz set with sterling silver. Designed to focus healing energy the double Dorje (Vajra) is sacred geometry size varies - average 2" tall x 1.275" wide..
Ex Tax:$30.00
Precious genuine stone pendants set in sterling silver. Special purchase - clear & rose quartz, tigers-eye, amethyst & carnelian available. Sizes also vary but average 2" long...
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Melong is a Tibetan term that means "mirror" or "looking glass". The melong is a symbol of divine protection and enlightened understanding (bodhicitta). These are new from Nepal - infuse them with your own prayers and continue the tradition. (40.00 price includes shipping)..
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Collected recently while on Tibetan pilgrimage this is a beautiful example of Tibetan craftsmanship. 8.5 inches across x 8 inches high (tp14#7)..
Ex Tax:$250.00
Hand carved from high quality Himalayan quarts this stunning example is 7.25" tall x 4" deep x 6" across - weight 1.710 kilo. Blessed and powerful (shipped in a custom fitted box) larger pictures are available - shipping is extra..
Ex Tax:$1,500.00
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