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Brand: Tantric
The Male/Female Union energy, 'Shakti', the primordial force, which when channeled into awakening leads to Enlightenment is beautifully represented and felt within this piece. Created as a work of devotion, cast via the lost wax method in copper and burnished with gold their union is that of wonder,..
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Brand: Tantric
Buddha w/consort, Samantabhadra, Tantric union Buddha; complete, sky clad, representing the union of wisdom and compassion unveiled. This powerful union is the best of it's type - beautifully and sensitively created of copper and gold burnished (24 kt. on faces) - a most exceptional example of devot..
Ex Tax:$850.00
Brand: Tantric
Buddhas, Tantric (primordial Buddhas) - this stunning rupa is 9.25” tall x 86” across x 6.5” deep. Created using the lost wax method in copper they share a small turquoise located at their respective third-eye. Note there is a empowerment mantra on the base. (07/09#11) - larger photos are available ..
Ex Tax:$1,500.00
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