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Singing Bowls, ancient; Master Quality

Mane Bowls; Heavy, thick walled - clear single penetrating voice - old but age unknown - useful for awakening dormant energy. There are only 10 available - sizes vary from 6.5” diameter x 3.5” tall ($280.00) to 7.5” diameter x 4” tall ($350.00)..
Ex Tax:$330.00
I personally choose the extraordinary old Singing Bowls I offer. The shipments follow me home but sometimes there are complications - hence these 'Platform Bowls'. I know little about them or their origin or age - I did not order them but I did pay for them. Their voices are clear and sustained. cur..
Ex Tax:$400.00
Ultrabati - (an most unusual bowl) - Light, bulging side with reverse lip - old but exact age unknown - multi-tonal deep harmonics. Their voice sounds much like a large Jambati - useful for stimulating grounding energy. Sizes vary from 8” diameter x 4” tall ($315.00) to 9.5” diameter x 5” tall ($415..
Ex Tax:$385.00
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