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Buddhist Statues

Bodhisattva on the Wings of Garuda Statue: Stone, Nepal, 18th CenturyIt’s message is that of Empowerment, Liberation & Protection.This is an extraordinary statue carved from black stone with devotional detail and stunning craft.I have had difficulty identifying the Bodhisattva, could be Hindu.Si..
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Bodhisattva Vajra Dorje Statue: Nepal, 21st CenturyVajra Dorje, a powerful Bodhisattva: A force over ignorance.He holds a Ganta Bell in his right hand and a Vajra in his left. The Ganta representing the energy of wisdom and the Vajra the energy of compassion. Together these two representing the path..
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Bodhisattva Vajrapani Statue: Tibetan, 19th CenturyA protective Bodhisattva: 'Holder of the Thunderbolt Scepter' symbolizing the power of Compassion.An extraordinary Vajrapani in very good condition with small Emeralds still intact, the detail and presence are stunning. Size: 9.75" tall x 8" ac..
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Bodhisattva Vajrasattva Statue, Nepal, 20th Century: This is a lovely Rupa created using the lost wax method in copper, he is decorated with tiny gemstones of Garnets, Amethyst, Turquoise & Coral. The Ganta & Vajra he carries are made of silver - there is an empowerment mantra on t..
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Bodhisattva Vajrasattva Statue: Tibetan, 20th CenturyVajrasattva is the Bodhisattva of Purification: An aspect of Buddha Vajradhara that shares the essential nature of Shakyamuni Buddha. Here he is seated on a moon disc on a white lotus with his torso gracefully curved to our lef..
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Amita Buddha: This beautiful Rupa is beautiful with fine detail. Note the five Dhyani Buddhas carved into the base. Created using the lost wax method by a most skilled devotional artist. Size: 14” tall x 9.25” across x 6.25” deep(07/09#5) - larger photos are available upon request...
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Buddha Amitabha Statue: Infinite LightHe is the Buddha of Love and a guide to Transcendence.Inviting the realm of this Buddha is magical, while bathed in Compassion along the path of the Bodhisattva. This statue is beautiful detailed and devotionally created with a deep and peaceful presen..
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Buddha Avalokiteshvara StatueExtraordinary Ivory carving from the Himalayan country of Bhutan. Rare and powerful.This exquisitely curved Rupa depicts the All-Compassionate Buddha standing, facing each of us as a friend, a Protector and a Guide.Avalokiteshvara is carved of ancient ivory and de..
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Buddha Avalokitesvara (relaxed pose) Statue, Shikshin Monastery, Karashar: Gold, Tibet, 21st CenturyThis is the great Buddha of Compassion Avalokitesvara in his relaxed depiction. His Mudra is that of protection 'Kataka' warding off evil, removing sickness and negative thoughts.C..
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Buddha 'Earth touching pose' Statue: Silver, Nepal, 20th CenturyBuddha Shakyamuni, (Siddhartha Gautama), a human soul that reached ‘Enlightenment’ and who illuminates the path for us all. Here he is depicted in the moment delusion belief drop away as he pierces the veil of ignora..
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Buddha Lokesvara Statue: 20th CenturyAn emanation of Avalokiteshvara. A delicate, detailed and stunning Rupa from China beautifully depicting Buddha gifting the Dharma. Made of copper and decorated with small coral and turquoise beads - he is sealed and has a harmonious presence.Size: 10" ..
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Buddha Shakyamuni Statue: Ascetic, Nepal, 18th CenturyThis is Siddhartha during ascetic practices. He has pushed his body to extremes in search of Enlightenment. A symbol of dedication but not to the ascetic practice: To not go to the extremes but ultimately to the ‘middle path’, to the realization ..
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