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Nepal 19th Century

Nepal 19th Century
Ganesh Statue: Bronze, Nepal, 19th Century - A powerful Rupa made of Bronze.Ganesha: Buddhist/Hindu Elephant headed Bodhisattva of Wisdom, Success and Joy. He is the defender and protector of individuals - particularly of women, and the remover of obstacles. Ganesha is is Beloved..
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Ganesh Statue: Silver & Gold, Nepal, 19th CenturyGanesh: The elephant headed god of wisdom, success and joy is the defender of individuals, the remover of obstacles and the great protector, especially of women. This representation of Ganesh is particularly joyful with great detail and devotional..
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Bronze Manjushri Temple Oil Lamp, 19th Century, Nepal.Manjushri is the Buddha of Wisdom - to light our way through the darkness of ignorance.Size: 23" tall x 9" diameter base(04/02/08)..
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