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Bodhisattva Vajrapani Statue: Tibetan, 19th CenturyA protective Bodhisattva: 'Holder of the Thunderbolt Scepter' symbolizing the power of Compassion.An extraordinary Vajrapani in very good condition with small Emeralds still intact, the detail and presence are stunning. Size: 9.75" tall x 8" ac..
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Bodhisattva Vajrasattva Statue: Tibetan, 20th CenturyVajrasattva is the Bodhisattva of Purification: An aspect of Buddha Vajradhara that shares the essential nature of Shakyamuni Buddha. Here he is seated on a moon disc on a white lotus with his torso gracefully curved to our lef..
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Buddha Avalokitesvara (relaxed pose) Statue, Shikshin Monastery, Karashar: Gold, Tibet, 21st CenturyThis is the great Buddha of Compassion Avalokitesvara in his relaxed depiction. His Mudra is that of protection 'Kataka' warding off evil, removing sickness and negative thoughts.C..
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Buddha Statue: Wooden, Tibet, 20th CenturyA simple master crafted Buddha from the Tibetan/Nepali border. He is craved of wood with straight-forward power and presence. He sits in the earth-touching pose representing the moment of Enlightenment.A lovely presence to bless altar or home. Size: 10...
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Buddha Thangka: Nomadic, Tibetan, 16th - 17th CenturyA very ancient Thangka (16th - 17th century) of a unique type. Used by a nomadic Lama - very rare if not singular. The painting is worn but still clear - the central image is of Buddha holding a child - two Dharma protectors are on either side - t..
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Ceremonial Silver Dragon Teapot: Nepal, 20th CenturyAn extraordinary and unique example of Tibetan art approximately 80 years old.  Made with devotion and remarkable craftsmanship. The pot itself is Silver and the decorative portions are gold burnished.A Dragon adorns the handle and spout ..
Ex Tax:$1,850.00
Chenrezig Buddha Statue: Nepal, 21st CenturyChenrezig - the compassionate protecter of Tibet.  This beautiful Rupa was created using the lost wax method in copper, he is decorated with tiny gemstones of Lapis, Turquoise & Coral. Size: 19” tall x 8.25” across x 5.5” deep. ..
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Chenrezig Thangka: Tibet, 16th CenturyA 500 year old Thangka from Tibet. Worn by centuries of use but still beautiful and unique. A fine example of early Tibetan devotional art - in fair condition. Blessing Mantras, apparently to the three Jewels, are clearly readable on the back of painting. S..
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Dakini Statues: Yeshe Tsogyal & Tashi Kyedren, Tibet, 18th CenturyThese rare and beautiful jewels are wisdom Dakini's from the Himalayas. Buddhist masters - two consorts of Padmasambhava and great tantric Buddhist teachers of Tibet: Dakini ‘Yeshe Tsogyal’ & ‘Tashi Kyedren’. Made of precious ..
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Dung Chen Horn Set: Tibet, 21st CenturyThe Dung Chen is a Tibetan long Trumpet or Horn used in Buddhist ceremonies to alter the mind for greater insight. Played in pairs and sold as a tuned set. Tsultrim Allione describes their voices as "long, deep, whirring, haunting wail that takes you out somewh..
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Ganta & Vajra Set: Rare, Ancient STAR No.5This Set has has beautiful clear harmonics and is in very good condition with a rare 5 pointed Star (3rd eye) energy. Unique with calming presence. The Ganta Bell is the ultimate universal symbol of Transcendent Wisdom.  The Vajra (Va..
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Ganta & Vajra Set: Rare, Tibet, 17th Century No.2This is a powerful and ancient set. Note: The Vajra is old but not the original - alas lost in history, with detail worn by devotional use. It carries the ‘four leaf lotus’ (root energy) markings inside which is rare for any size.The Ganta Be..
Ex Tax:$950.00
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