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Buddha Shakyamuni Statue: Gold, Nepal, 20th Century..
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Brand: Tantric
Buddha Statue: Tantric, Nepal, 20th CenturyPrimordial BuddhaThis stunning rupa was created using the lost wax method in copper, they share a small turquoise located at their respective third-eye. Note there is an empowerment Mantra on the base. Size: 9.25” tall x 86” across x 6.5” deep(07/09#11) - l..
Ex Tax:$1,500.00
Buddha Statues: Himalayan QuartzThese Buddhas are all carved of the highest quality Himalayan quartz selected for it's presence and power. Made from a single solid piece of natural quartz found in the Himalayan Mountain range which borders Tibet and north-central Nepal at elevations of over 15,000 f..
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Buddha with Arhats Statue: Stone, Nepal, 21st CenturyA rare depiction of Buddha traveling with his students: The Arhats. An arhat is a person who has gained insight into the true nature of existence and has achieved nirvana: One who has advanced along the path of Enlightenment, but who may not have ..
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Chenrezig Buddha Statue: Nepal, 21st CenturyChenrezig - the compassionate protecter of Tibet.  This beautiful Rupa was created using the lost wax method in copper, he is decorated with tiny gemstones of Lapis, Turquoise & Coral. Size: 19” tall x 8.25” across x 5.5” deep. ..
Ex Tax:$1,500.00
Chimes: Burmese, Old Metal No.1This grouping of Burmese type accent bells are made of metal harvested from old damaged Himalayan Singing Bowls. The alloy is old and authentic but the bell composition it is now was created recently. Nice rich sound in all three sizes: Large: $80.00 (very heavy f..
Ex Tax:$80.00
The Double Vajra/Dorje: Lightning Compassion/Protection in the four directions.Made of the highest quality Himalayan quartz and selected for it's presence and power.Average Size: 4.5” across x 1.5" deep priced from $90.00 to $170.00 price range.Pictured is sold but stands as an example. ..
Ex Tax:$110.00
Elephant Temple Oil Lamp SetA beautiful union of function and spiritual devotion. This is a stunning set with wonderful detail. It carries the ‘four leaf lotus’ markings inside - rare for it’s size.Size: 8” tall x 9” across x 4” deep - Bronze - age unknown(09/07#21) - larger photos are available..
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Ganesh & Lakshmi Statue: 20th Century A remarkable wood carving and a powerful blessing. Traditionally painted this statue is statement of devotion - nearly 100 yrs. old. Ganesh with Consort symbolizing success & prosperity. Ganesh is a part of the Buddhist and Hindu..
Ex Tax:$1,600.00
Ganesh Statue: Bronze, Nepal, 19th Century - A powerful Rupa made of Bronze.Ganesha: Buddhist/Hindu Elephant headed Bodhisattva of Wisdom, Success and Joy. He is the defender and protector of individuals, particularly of women, and the remover of obstacles. Ganesha is is Beloved...
Ex Tax:$2,600.00
Ganesh Statute: Quartz/SmallMade of the highest quality Himalayan quartz, each a jewel of energy - powerful.Ganesh: Buddhist/Hindu elephant headed Bodhisattva of Wisdom, Success and Joy. He is the defender of individuals, particularly of women, and the remover of obstacles. ‘Wherever there..
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Ganesh Statue: Silver & Gold, Nepal, 19th CenturyGanesh: The elephant headed god of wisdom, success and joy is the defender of individuals, the remover of obstacles and the great protector, especially of women. This representation of Ganesh is particularly joyful with great detail and devotional..
Ex Tax:$4,800.00
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