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Nepal Gallery
Ganesh Statue: Small / Quartz, Nepal, 21st CenturyGanesh: Buddhist/Hindu elephant headed Bodhisattva of Wisdom, Success and Joy. He is the defender of individuals, particularly of women, and the remover of obstacles. ‘Wherever there is Ganesh, there is Success and Prosperity ~ Whereve..
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Ganta & Vajra Set: Very Special, Nepal, 21st Century No.7These are remarkable Ganta/Vajra sets of extraordinary craftsmanship and sound. Made in Nepal by Tibetan craftsman they are new but of the highest quality.The handles are burnished with gold and the detail is remarkable - a true devot..
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Ganta/Vajra Leather CoversThese are well crafted Ganya/Vajra covers made of leather. Designed to fit the medium & large Ganta/Vajra. The medium size is available to two shades (see photo.)..
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Jogini Dorje Palmo Statue: Nepal, 21st Century‘She who is victorious over Ignorance’. A powerful Dakini and bestowed of great bliss to all. Also known as Vajravarahi she is distinguished by the head(s) of a sow that she wears in her hair. The sow is the symbol of the Ignorance which keeps ..
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Kali Statue: Goddess of Extreme Power, Nepal, 21st CenturyAn extraordinary Rupa in detail and presence.  Kali, Wrathful Goddess/Mother who swallows the universe and makes it new. The goddess Kali prepares us for oneness. She devours smallness, pain, guilt and ego; all that we do not nee..
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Khadga Pani Statue: Gold/Copper, Nepal, 20th CenturyA powerful Guardian energy overcoming˜Mara" (illusion). He holds the sword of truth (Dharma) opening the path which leads to Enlightenment. A remarkable representation of wonderful detail, full of symbolism and expertly crafted. Gold burnished over..
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Kukri (Khukuri Snake) Devotional Knife: Nepal, 18th Century,This Kukri was owned by the Royal family of Nepal with the original (silver?) sheath intact.This is an authenticated traditional curved Nepalese Knife used as both a tool and as a weapon. Symbolic/devotional weapon of the highly respected N..
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Long-Life Buddha Statue: Tibet, 20th Century This Buddha has many names depending on region of origin: In Tibet she is known as 'Ushnisha-Vijaya' and is an emanation of the Chinese Buddha 'Kwan-Yin’. The triad representation is that of three Bodhisattva feminine deities: Ushnishavijay..
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Mahakala Stone Statue: Mantra Empowered, Nepal, 20th CenturyA remarkable carving of the wrathful guardian sitting on, thereby subduing, ignorance. He is depicted on a thorn supported by elephants representing Wisdom and Snow Lions representing Guardians, crowned by Garuda. The Aum Mantra of empowerm..
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Mala Counter Set: Nepal, 21st CenturyThese are Mala prayer counters from Nepal. They carry the synbolism of the Buddhist 'Three precious jewels'. Lama Nurbu sent many of these sets - they are in excellent condition and of good size/weight. Used with and attached to a Mala (Buddhist prayer beads) to ..
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Mallets: Felt & Suede Playing Sticks - Useful with all Tibetan instruments.Felt and suede covered mallets for a far better sound while playing. The larger mallets most useful with larger bowls.The playing sticks are made of hardwood, and a particular softwood. It is wise to experiment ..
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Manjushri Statue: Gold, Nepal, 21st Century Buddha of Wisdom - still and calm. On his right he carries the flaming sword that destroys ignorance, on his left a pure lotus holds the book known as the Perfection of Wisdom. This is an extraordinary representation crafted in Patan, Nepal. Composed ..
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