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India Gallery

India Gallery
During my recent pilgrimage to Nepal & Tibet I found a beautiful, professional quality male Tambura. A friend in Nepal ordered two from a well known Indian musician and alas he only wanted one. It is made of traditional hard woods, shell inlay decoration and the sounding chamber of natural gourd..
Ex Tax:$450.00
White Tara Goddess Statue: Quartz, India, NewWhite Tara: Protector and wisdom guide. Expertly Carved from a single clear piece of Himalayan quartzTara in Sanskrit means "Star". Tara the healing and Protection Deity: The embodiment of Compassion, the feminine aspect of Buddha. She is t..
Ex Tax:$380.00
White Tara Statue: Himalayan QuartzHand carved from high quality Himalayan quarts this stunning example is Blessed and powerful Size: 7.25" tall x 4" deep x 6" across - weight 1.710 kilo. (Shipped in a custom fitted box)larger pictures are available - shipping is extra..
Ex Tax:$1,500.00
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