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This is the 'Yang' Bowl pictured.The Jambati Bowls are from the Eastern Plateau of Tibet, they are a minimum of 100 years old - their exact age are unknown. With penetrating voices, Jambati's have remarkable expansive overtones and long vocal duration. The Jambati is associated with the The White Ta..
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A rare and unique 16th Century Buddhist piece of ancient Tibet. Made of silver it is a rare find.Certainly part of a large sacred statue it is apparently all that was saved from the wholesale destruction of Tibet in the 1950's. It is a symbol of impermanence usually found in head pieces or..
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Rare and unique piece of ancient Tibetan Buddhist culture from the 17th Century made of white metal - it is a rare find. It's sacred teaching is still present and powerful.Certainly part of a large sacred statue it is apparently all that was saved from the wholesale destruction of Tibet in..
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Himalayan Snuff Container from the 1900’s, handcrafted from Tibet and made from a small Yak or Water Buffalo Horn. Snuff, a mixture of tobacco and soot used by both men and women at all levels of society, is still very popular within Tibet. The substance was inhaled to achieve a similar sensati..
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Standing Buddha Statue: Tibet, 19th Century..
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During my recent pilgrimage to Nepal & Tibet I found a beautiful, professional quality male Tambura. A friend in Nepal ordered two from a well known Indian musician and alas he only wanted one. It is made of traditional hard woods, shell inlay decoration and the sounding chamber of natural gourd..
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Tibetan Runner Rug: 21st CenturyA wonderful example of Tibetan rug making. 100 knots per square inch it is hand woven in the same fashion that has created these quality woolen rugs for centuries. Traditional design symbolizing heavenly realms, lotus purity, rainbow path and elegance. Used as a home ..
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Tibetan Turquoise/Coral beaded neck-plate NecklaceCollected recently while on Tibetan pilgrimage this is a beautiful example of Tibetan craftsmanship. Size: 8.5 inches across x 8 inches high (tp14#7)..
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These are heavy weight traditional Tibetan shirts fashioned after one I purchased while in Tibet in 1996 - a favorite. These where made in Nepal using the original as a pattern. Made of comfortable heavy weight 100% cotton. Size: Medium / Large(price plus shipping)..
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Found during a recent pilgrimage this Vajra (Dorje) is hand carved from yak bone - the craftsmanship is extraordinary. The Vajra is the Buddhist symbol for Compassion, the energy required to lift the hindrances of illusion that keeps us from realizing our most realized Self - our greatest poten..
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Vajrayogini Statue: Remover of Obstacles, Tibet, Buddhist, 20th CenturyUsing her appearance of intense wrathfulness Vajrayogini compassionately interrupts the delusion and negativity that arises as obstacles in our lives. Dorje Phamo (Vajrayogini) represents the victory over ignorance allowing the u..
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Yamantaka Lama Dance Mask: Tibetan, Buddhist, 17th - 18th centuryYamantaka is a Dharma protector - the “Slayer of Death”. He is the wrathful form of Manjushri the Bodhisattva of Wisdom. There are many high Tantric text associated with him which centers on the transformation of anger energy into..
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